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Samedi, 26 mai 2018
It's going to bite!

Portes: 19H30
Entrée: 80.-
Étudiant: 80.-
Prélocation: 80.-

Create n°3

Create n°3

Décal’Quai hands the keys of the building (and the kitchen) to Berlin-based curating collective crEATe (Create
Studio Cäcilia Verweyen & Yorai Sharon have been organizing dining events that explore our relationship with food, design, space, art, and the various ways all these notions can collide and interfere.
After two gastronomic evenings in Berlin, their third proposal—in Montreux—will take the form of a series of edible installations and experiences for guests to walk through, look at, play with, and bite into.

5 chefs + 2 designers = 1 event for 50 guests, with 1 theme:
« What you see is NOT what you get »
Things taste not as they seem to be and seem to be not as they taste? For this third art & food event, we invite you to walk on the line between what we see and what we get. A walk
through artistic eatable installation by talented artists and chefs. Mouths open wide, get ready to… BITE!

Pablo Lauf (DJ set, Berlin)

After-party 22:30